William Booth began The Salvation Army in July 1865.

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The Inauguration of General Shaw Clifton

Conferences and Study Groups

The Frederick Coutts Memorial Lectures

The Founder_General William Booth

Commissioner Catherine Bramwell-Booth

General Arnold Brown

General Shaw Clifton

General Eva Burrows

General John Gowans

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Commissioner Samuel Logan Brengle

Commissioner Earle Maxwell

Commissioner W. Cairns

Commissioner A. Cairns

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Commissioner David Baxendale

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Commissioner L Strong

Commissioner H Scotney

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Commissioner Pindred

Commissioners Ivan & Heather Lang

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Commissioner Harry Reid

Commissioner Samuel Logan Brengle

Sir Dean Goffin

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Colonel Bram Lucas

Lt. Colonel R. Steadman Allen

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Lt.Colonel Sharon Berry

Lt.Colonel G Seymour

Colonel Don Nelson

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Major Albert Everett

Major Philip Maxwell

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Major David Rees

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Major Colin Haggar

Major Noel Clanfield

Major Peter Pearson

Major Mark Campbell

Major Robert Redhead

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Captain Russell Morgan

Captain Stuart Reid

Captain Clayton Spence

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Captain Rhombus and Lai Li

Captain Brendan Nottle

Lt Nursen Kisten

Lt David Day

Lt Janet Rees

Rev Paul Borden

Dr Roger Green

John Cleary Salvationist

Phil Wall Salvationist

John Evans Salvationist

Russell Rook Salvationist

Bob RoganSalvationist

Dr John Coutts

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Tom Quick Radio Canadian Broadcasts

Bill Hybels and the Salvos

Lest We Forget_Remembrance Day April 1997

Doctrines of the Salvation Army

Perth Fortress Salvation Army Corps


God Bless America

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Just Men Conference 2008 with Duffy Robbins