William Booth began The Salvation Army in July 1865. Preaching to a small congregation in the slums of London, his spirit was as militant as that of a professional soldier while battling an almost overwhelming army.

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Sixty Minute Officer

Selected readings from the Officer Magazine for your enjoyment

Direct Line John Gowans

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Fit to be Tied Terry Camsey

Mission Urgency Robert Redhead

Praying Leaders Max Church

Tea Drinking and One Latin Word John Norton

Renewal by Recovery of First Principles John Larsson

A Sedate Mission Laurie Robertson

God's Weighing Scale Elsa Oalang

Mission strategy, Mission to the Poor Herb and Fran Rader

Global Mission for a Global Army Brian Taylor

A Heart for Mission Israel Gaither

Direct Line John Gowans John Gowans

On What Matters Most Fred Ash

The Penny Dropped Rachael Tickner

Not Distinctive Enough Anthony Stone

Letter to Young Officers Stephen Poxon

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A Pastoral Letter John Gowans

Friend to Friend Ernie and Joan Payton

An Urgent Gospel BRian Morgan

Four New Zealand Corps Gwyneth Redhead

Changing of the Guard Jo-Ann Shade

The Problem of Answered Prayer Chick Yuill

And He shall be Like a Tree Neil Young