William Booth began The Salvation Army in July 1865. .

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The famous 'Majoor' Bosshardt of the Salvation Army died in 2007 at the age of 94. The 'Majoor' (her real rank in the Salvation Army was higher), was famous in the Netherlands for her relief work in the Amsterdam Red Light District. After the second world war, she started a Goodwill Centre in the Red Light district, which developed into a major centre for help for homeless people, drug addicts and prostitutes. She did this work for decades. She retired in 1978 at age 65, but continued volunteering and attending public gatherings until shortly before her death. She was widely praised for her humulity and wisdom, and her endless energy to help people. A famous picture of her appeared in the 60's, when she guided Princess (now Queen) Beatrix incognito through the Red Light District . Before her burial she was driven through Amsterdam in a special and unique funeral 'tour of honour'. The tour started at 11.15am in the heart of the Red Light District, and then went along Dam Square, Central Station, on to Amsterdam East. The tour lasted approximately 1 hour.