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Prayer 1_Major Kevin Metcalf

Prayer 2_Major Derek Tyrrell

Prayer 3_Commissioner David Baxendale with Songster Introduction

Prayer 4_Major Allan Flemming

Prayer 5_Commissioner Linda Bond

Prayer 6_Major Rod Carey

Prayer 7_Commissioner Ian Cutmore

Prayer 8_Commissioner Carolyn Morgan

Prayer 9_Sergeant Major Barry Garnum

Prayer 10_Associate of Major Derek Tyrrell

Prayer 11_Commissioner Les Strong

Prayer 12_Brigadier Korbell

Prayer 13_Major Allan Flemming

Prayer 14_Major Allan Flemming

Prayer 15_Captain Clayton Spence

Prayer 16_Major Kevin Metcalf

Prayer 17_Major Allan Flemming

Prayer 18_Commissioner W. Pratt

Prayer 19_Colonel W Russell

Prayer 20_Captain Deborah Robinson

Prayer 21_Captain Robyn Black

Prayer 22_Captain Robyn Black

Prayer 23_Captain Robyn Black

Prayer 24_Major Allan Flemming

Prayer 25_Major Allan Flemming

Prayer 26_Captain Deborah Robinson

Prayer 27_MAjor Beryl Linguard

Prayer 28_Major Allan Flemming

Prayer 29_Lt Col Dean Hamilton

Prayer 30_Commissioner Verna Skinner

Prayer 31_Congress 1978

Prayer 32_General Arnold Brown

Prayer 33_Congress 1995 Sydney

Prayer 34_Commissioner Harry Warren

Prayer 35_Salvationist Ian Martin

Prayer 36_Prayer for an Offering

Prayer 37_Major Allan Flemming

Prayer 38_Major Allan Flemming

Prayer 39_Major Allan Flemming

Prayer 40 B/M Len Collier

Prayer 41 Major Gwenneth Woodbury Video ...Audio

Prayer 42_Graeme Smith

Prayer 43_Major Fran Flemming

Prayer 44 Major Philip Maxwell Video ...Audio

Prayer 45_Commissioner Verna Skinner

Prayer 46_Major Allan Flemming

Prayer 47_Major Fran Flemming

Prayer 48_Major Allan Flemming

Prayer 49_Major Allan Flemming

Prayer 50_Major Brian Watters

Prayer 51_Major Phil Cardew

Prayer 52_Major Fran Flemming

Prayer 53_Lt Col.John Hodge

Prayer 54_Commissioner Verna Skinner

Prayer 55_Commissioning 2009

Prayer 56_Major Peter Godkin

Prayer 56_Lt Col Rhonda Durston 29 9 19

Prayer 57_Capt M Reeve