Other Salvation Army Music

Congress Hall Memories 1955

Prepare to Dare Congress

Our God Reigns

1989 Festival of Gospel Song

The Zambia and Malawi Congress 1996

Witness_Never Quit the Field Clarence White,Lynn Fuller, Bill Way

John Larsson at the Piano

Centennial Celebration Congress, New York City 1965

Holy Land Congress

Piano Selections from Richard Philips

Len Ballantine_Glorify Thy Name_Piano Selections

Piano Music

Solo Amanda Hutton

Solo Erol Duck Chong

Solo Mandy Williams

Solo Jaye Quinn

Edith Kendrick

The Joystrings

Leslie Condon with ISB Male Chorus - He Took My Place

Olaf Lundgren with NYSB Male Chorus - He Took My Place

Dick Krommenhook

Susan Turner

Fall Festival 1995

A Day of Worship

1995 Congress Chorus

1990 International Congress

1989 Festival of Gospel Song

Just Where I Am _ Soloist Lionel Wood

On Fire Big Band