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The Hendon Band, Hillingdon Songsters,

Tottenham Citadel Band, Cambridge Heath Songsters

THE WITNESS The Hendon Band-W. Himes March

HOW MUCH MORE The Hillingdon Songsters-Gowans Larsson

RECKON ON ME Tottenham Citadel Band- .R Johnson Arr. M Calvert. Soloist K Hutchinson

(a) JESUS THE NAME -(b) GOD THAT IS OUR SAVIOUR The Cambridge Heath Songsters

HOLD THOU MY HAND The Hendon Band H. P. Main arr E Ball

HEAVEN CAME DOWN J.W.Peterson-The Hillingdon Songsters

O LOVELY NAME R.Steadman-Allen-The Cambridge Heath Songsters

TAKE OVER BID Larsson-arr. R.Steadman-Allen-The Tottenham Citadel Band

DEPTH OF MERCY C. Wesley- R Rance- The Cambridge Heath Songsters

ROCK OF AGES Toplady-B. Coles-The Hillingon Songsters

THE FRONT LINE L. Condon-The Hendon Band

CHRIST IN HIS GARDEN Music Tchaikovsky-The Hillingdon Songsters

PRAISE W. Heaton-The Tottenham Citadel Band

ALL OF THE ABOVE salvoaudio