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The central message of our faith is continual prayer to our loving Father who offers Grace, Mercy and Healing to all who seek it. Our sole purpose is to bring people to God through Jesus Christ.

Psalm 136 "His Mercy Endureth forever" Lord GOD, we pray for the souls in the pandemic and plead for Your Love and Healing for all who are desperately ill.


17 OCTOBER 2021_Tom Quick broadcast

Susan Turner Contentment

Zurich Corps Band


The Birmingham Songsters_The Golden Years

Jubilee Brass

Citadel High Lights


The wounds of Christ Birmingham Songsters

The wounds of Christ are open

Bermuda Divisional Band

Hendon Band_A Life worth Living

Deep River

International Staff Songsters 1989

Songs of the CROSS

Healing MAY 2021

The Salvoaudio Collection

Below are our sermons list from eminent Salvationists.

Agony and Ectacy

Gods Given Grace

John The Baptist

The Holy Spirit

Paul's Letter To Timothy._Commissioner David Baxendale

Thou art loosed ..._General Arnold Brown

God of Spirit_General John Gowans

Breath on me, Breath Of God_Major David Rees

Reconciliation_Major John Rees

The Holy Spirit, and William Booth Commissioner Harry Read

Blind Bartomeus_Lt Col Ian Hamilton

Commissioner Pratt "What will they do with their sins?"

WILLIAM BOOTH_by General Frederick Coutts 1960

The Doctrines of the Salvation Army

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Congregational songs

The Story of Christmas

In the Love of Jesus(740)

Sleep Holy Child Susan Turner

All that I am

He Sought me

From a HILL I know

All for Thee

I dedicate myself to Thee

The Lord Bless Thee ISS

He giveth more Grace s579 RSA

In the Love of Jesus song 740

Now I belong to Jesus_MSB

I know Thee who Thou art Song 59

In His Presence

Take my Life

Salvoaudio Piano Music

Salvoaudio Piano Music 2

O Boundless Salvation

How Great Thou Art

In this Quiet Moment

I know a Fount_PIANO

Shielded by His Faithfullness

Above All Powers

The Well is Deep

Have Your Way

Yes Yes Lord

I surrender all

Reflections by Errol Duck Chong

I know a Fount

i Believe Jesus Saves

Power in the Blood

O Ancient of Days

Faith is the Glory of the Lord

In His Presence

O God of every Nation

My King

Share My Yoke

Crown Him Lord of all

Here at the Cross

I have changed

God So Loved the World

Love changes Everything

Glory to the Lamb

In The Love of Jesus

Studies in Holiness

Frederick Coutts Memorial Lectures

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