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Songsters 2021 Collection Part 2)

includes the following

He Is Exalted_Seattle Temple Songsters

This is the Day_Launceston Songsters

Pasadena Youth Chorus_The Lord Is my Shepherd

Regent Hall Songsters_Hymn of Praise

Birmingham Citadel Songsters_Spirit Divine_Brindley Boone

O Love that will no let me go_ISS male Voices

South American Territorial Songsters_Under His Wings

Boscombe Songsters_Know My Heart_Psalm 139

Singing Praise_Amesterdam Staff Songsters

God is Everywhere_John Gowans-Pasadena Tabernacle Songsters

Winton Songsters_Wade in he Water

Intsrnational Staff Songsters_Lord How I love You

' USA Western Territorial Songsters_His Provision

Oasadena Temple Songsters_A Song of Praoise

Yorkminster Songatera _Healing Waters _Len Ballantyne

North York Temple Songsters _Somebody Prayed For Me

O Boundless Salvation_ISB

Sabbath Song The Power Of the Cross_Len Ballantine _Yorkminster Songsters

Brisbane Temple Songsters_Still Buildiner The Kinddom

Susan Turner_We all need the Lord,

Brisbane Songsters_This One Thing I know

International Staff Songsters_Gospel Train

Regent Hall Songsters Wonderful Words Of Life

Marked by Love_Gwulf Songsters_Donna Harris_Million Places

Jesus in Me _International Staff Songsters

His Strength is Perfect_Derby Central Songsters

The Love of Christ_St John's Temple Songsters_Len Ballantyne

Spirit of the Living God_Southern Territorial Band and Sogsters USA

Amsterdam Songsters-Because He Lives-Sally Deford

In thge Love of Jesus_Bruce Robertson

I walked today where JESUS walked

ISS_All for Thee

Sovereign Voices_ The Battle Hymn - Brian Rollins

He Is Exalted _Greater Lakes Divisional Chorus