William Booth.


There is an opportunity for a small outlay to have money deposited ino your account daily.

7 days per week.

It is well a run organisation and has helped many people survive during the pandemic stress

Salvoaudio has never advertised on the site and I make no apologies for this opportunity if it helps people make a contribution for Corps funding and people who are desperate after Covid 19.

It is a US bitcoin mining company

In Sydney we have been in lock down for 100 days and our normal cellection locations do not exist

I pray daily that God allows this opportuniy to be a source of funding.

For a small or large deposit to this company,www.vbitmining.com. money will be deposited into your account daily for contribution to the work of the Lord or your own personal use for the next 4-5 years.

To many people the cost will be negligible wheras to others it is life saving Please make further inqury at the following address:

or signup.vbittech.com/

insert member no 905481 or


with your details for contact

Depending on which package you buy you will see the deposit into your account every minute of every day I do hope thst you will take this opportunmity to help others to pay school fees, food rent etc

I can guarantee that his not a scam and has helped many people that I know.

You can get from $5 to $500 US deposited into your account while you sleep daily depending on which machine package you buy

It has also been financially supporting this site.

May God Richly Bless the Army

The situation of many is desparate,and this site may help you to help others. Thankyou



For more informattion :

Open the link in your browser and you will be staggered by this opportunity


This is a very cheap answer to hardhip