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Healing Waters includes the following

March_Kenneth Downie_Joy Ringer

Power in the Blood_Peter Christis

Songs of testimony Norman Bearcroft

WesternTerritorial Songsters

Yorkminster Citadel Songsters_They shall come from the East_Kevin Larsen

ISS_They need you ..

Consecration_Hendon Citadel Band.B/m S Cobb

Standing on the Promises._Pasadena Songsters

March_Fight for the Lord_Norway Territorial Army Band

In the Strenth of the Lord_Ascolon_Ketterinng Citadel Band

I bring Thee All_Katie Harding

In My Name_Kenneth Downie_North York Temple Band

Lord We know thatwe love You_Pasadena Temple Songsters

Temple 85_Norman Bearcroft_Heritag Brass

Born to be King_Chelmsford Songsters

Oshuwa Temple Band_Still_Psalm 46_v10

Be Still for the Presence of the Lord

The Caledonian_Norwich Citadel Band

CSB The Welsh Fantyasy for Euphonium and Band

Ascolon_All my work is for the Master

Impact Brass_Whisper z Prayer

Thou art a Mighty Saviour

Incarnation_CSB_B/M John Lam_ Craig Lewis

King's Singers In a Quiet Moment

Intrada Brass_Mexican Dance

Sydney Staff Songsters_Teach Me to Dance

I want to Teach you what the Lord has done_SB&S Singeers

HYSB_Cry of the Warrior_2003

O it was Wondeerful a Love

Marchng along

I have seen the Glory of the Lord_Len Ballantye_CSB

There is a Redeemer_NYSB

Eric Ball_That Beautiful Land

Songs of the Pioneers_Canadian Staff Band

Healing Waters_Hendon Citadel Band