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Salvation Army Band Part 2 Music 2021 Collection

includes the following

Songs of the Morning Heritage Brass_Eric Ball

Cornet Quartet_Joyous Proclamation_Norman Bearcroft_Heritage Brass

Ian Watkinson_Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Consecration_Robert Merritt_Heritage Brass

Kettering Salvation Army_The World Is Needing us

Kettering Salvation Army_Show Me What I need

Nath The Flag_Heritage Brass

Emblem of the Army _ Heritage Brass

Bill White He is Lord_ Heritage Brass

Salute To Service_Heritage Brass

In the Love Of Jesus_Derek Diffey

The Solent Fellowship Band_Hold Thou My Hand

The London City Band_The Roll Call

For Our Transgressions_The Household Troops Band

Heritage Brass_Peace of Heart_Leslie Condon

Souuth London Fellowship Band_Ray Bowes_Armidale

Brisbane Fellowship Band_Heralds of Australia

Songs of Solomon_Melbourne Veterans Band

London Fellowship Band_Gently Down the Stream of Time_Daavis Dawes

Kettering Citadel Band

The Waters are Wide-Kettering Citadel Band

March ISB_The Heritage Series_One by One

Ray Bowes_Kettering Citadel Band_Lord Show Me What I need

Kettering Citadel Band_In this quiet Moment

ISB_Excelsior_Dudley Bright

Pasadena Taberncale Band_Songs of Bliss_Music of William Gordon

The Hill of Calvary_The Chalk Farn Band

Boscombe Citadel Band Prelude on Beethoven Sanctuary Volume2

Seattle Citadel Army Band_Ascolon

Bosombe Citadel Band_The Penitent

Anthem of the Free_Canadian Staff Band

Secret Prayer Eric Leidzen_Household Troops Band

Boscombe Band To Meet Him Bye and Bye_Dean Jones Cornet Solo _Quiet Time London Citadel Band_Tony Wilson_Kenneth Downey

Softley And Tenderly_Household Troops Band.

Heralds of the Dawn Dean Goffin Amsterdam Staff Band