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Heaven Bound Throng _Aurthur Gillege

A Celebration of Faithfullness _ Brian Hogg

Cornet Solo Rule Brittania Brian Davis _Ian Jones

Tromobines My Shepherd_Brenton Broadstock

Cornet Trio Keep In Step _Noel Jones

Selection Redemming Love _Tom Rive

Vocal Solo I will See a New Heaven_Harvery Spikin __Howard Davis Arr Ian Jones

Selection Symphony of Thanksgiving _Dean Goffin

March New Zealand Warriors_Harry Goffin

Trombone Solo He Cares For Me Ron Heathcote_Noel Jones

Selection On the Road _Howard Davies

Band Vocal Youi Know that we Love You _Howard Davies

Festival Arragngemenrt Mosies Get Down _Barry Gott

Selection The Scene of Prayer_Frank Inglis

Finale Congregation and Band O Boundless Salvation Dean Goffin