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The central message of our faith is continual prayer to our loving Father who offers Grace and The Mercy of forgiveness to all providing we seek it. The Australian country over the past month has suffered with severe bushfires resulting in 34 fatalaties`,6500 buildings, and 18 million hectares destroyed. The Salvation Army was at ther forefront of support throughout the fires.The message of the Army is that God cares and gives us hope.

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12 FEBRUARY 2020 Broadcast with Tom Quick

Concert with Philip Cobb at Sydney Congress Hall July 2019

The Salvation Army Oshawa Chicago Staff Band Concert

Holiness Meeting with Southern Cross Brass

Salvoaudio 2018 Songster Selection part 2

Salvoaudio 2018 Songster Selection

Southern Cross Brass at Sydney Congress Hall

Amsterdam Staff Songsters March 17

The International Staff Songsters Sydney 2017

1930's Citadel Memories-performances of that decade in the Salvation Army

First 67 Years Tribute to the ISB

The Celebration Concerts of the 120th Anniversary of the ISB

The Salvoaudio Collection

There are added almost daily new sermons to our list from eminent Salvationists. Our most recent offerings include


General Peddle

General Cox at the meeting of the High Council May 2018

The Resurrection Major Dr Alan Harley

The Launch of Australia 1 Commissioner Floyd Tidd

The Whole World Mobilising Celebration General Andre Cox

WILLIAM BOOTH_A lecture by General Frederick Coutts 1960

The Message of Holiness Zechariah Major John Rees

Messages of Previous Generals of the Salvation Army




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Great is the Lord

Salvoaudio Piano Music

Salvoaudio Piano Music 2

O Boundless Salvation

There is a Saviour

Gowans and Larssen  

My Christ is All

How Great is my God

How Great Thou Art

In this Quiet Moment

I know a Fount_PIANO

Shielded by His Faithfullness

Above All Powers

Have Your Way

Yes Yes Lord

I surrender all

Reflections by Errol Duck Chong

I know a Fount

i Believe Jesus Saves

Power in the Blood

O Ancient of Days

Faith is the Glory of the Lord

In His Presence

O God of every Nation


Share My Yoke

Crown Him Lord of all

Here at the Cross

I have changed

In the Love of Jesus

Nothing But Thy Blood

Wash me in the Blood

God So Loved the World

Love changes Everything

Glory to the Lamb

Onward Christian Soldiers

Studies in Holiness

Community Hymns

Favorite Hymns

Frederick Coutts Memorial Lectures

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